Interactive Design



Lite-Brite is a beloved toy from my childhood and I wanted to create an interactive website that both pushed the brand further and possessed capabilities that I always wished was possible. I always dreamed of having the ability to create my own Lite-Brite templates and being able to print those myself so I could make my design absolutely perfect. With this in mind I created a Lite-Brite website that includes a workshop where you can create your own templates, print them, share them with friends, or share them with the world! Additionally, you can easily collaborate with another user. You can add on to their design, change colors of elements, and print it out for your own use at home. View my Lite-Brite Website here
Instructor: Thom Hines
Languages used: HTML, CSS, and jQuery


This projects objection was to create an animated and interactive website based off a poster. After choosing a dynamic poster, I re-illustrated every element individually in order to have complete freedom of animating every part of the poster. I drew out the series of events that would happen after the user triggers the beginning of the animation and hand coded it using HTML, CSS, and jQuery. 
You can view it here
Instructor: Thom Hines.
Illustrated by: Christopher DeLorenzo
Languages used: HTML, CSS, and jQuery